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Ascorbic Acid is Not Vitamin C!
That vitamin C you bought in the store could be doing you more harm than good. 
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Vitamin C is so important and we need lots of it. The body cannot make vitamin C, which is needed to combat diabetes, heart disease, cancer, radiation poisoning, heavy metal toxicity, infections, disease, arthritis, allergies, and one of the best things for staying young because its needed for collagen- the stuff that keeps your skin from wrinkling and hair falling out.So most people go to the store and get a bottle of what’s labelled as “vitamin C” but all it is is ascorbic acid, but Ascorbic acid by itself is NOT vitamin C! 

Vitamin C is a complex that has multiple parts bound together, which include
Vitamin P which are flavonoids and bioflavonoids, which support connective tissue for arteries, veins, skin etc
Vitamin J- needed for oxygen, healthy lungs, asthma, pneumonia and stuff like that
Vitamin K- needed for clotting, healing bruises and stuff like that
Copper- each vitamin complex requires a different mineral. Vitamin C requires copper in the form of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is needed to help build adrenal hormones. Without this, stress will burn you out. Adrenals are where most of the vitamin C is stored in the body, and ironically, taking straight ascorbic acid burns out the adrenals and depletes them.

So what is ascorbic acid? It’s just the wrapper that holds these other 4 elements together, that’s it. It’s only real function is to protect these other elements in the vitamin C complex. 

And even worse- do you know what that ascorbic acid you’re buying really is? It’s made in a lab by combining corn starch and sulfuric acid. It becomes a white powder, they bottle it and sell it as vitamin C. That’s like selling someone the shell of a car without an engine or seats or tires and calling it a car.

The only reason some people get better when taking it is because it’s an acid and acid kills bacteria. A better acid to take is apple cider vinegar, which is acetic acid. 

Ascorbic acid on the other hand DEPLETES your body of vital nutrients, like copper, iron, and believe it or not- it robs you of VITAMIN C! That’s right- the cheap white powder you buy in the store that they call vitamin C, which is actually just ascorbic acid - ROBS your body of whatever vitamin C it has, leading to wrinkles, asthma, spider veins, hair falling out, and adrenal issues like stress and being tired a lot. Its so ironic that many people with adrenal issues are the same people that have been taking the ascorbic acid vitamin C, thinking they were doing something good. 

Vitamin C needs to come from natural sources, not chemicals created in a lab. And its still not the same when they take ascorbic acid and mix in a pinch of rosehips or bioflavs. It needs to be in its whole plant form, either fresh or dried whole plants, where it’s more concentrated, like my herbal vitamin C formula

But whatever you do, do NOT get that bottled stuff at the store that is nothing but ascorbic acid.

Ascorbic acid breaks down in the intestines into oxalates which forms oxalate stones, as in kidney stones. And since oxalic acid binds with sodium and potassium, this leads to high blood pressure, muscle cramping, and diabetic type insulin issues. Taking the wrong kind of vitamin c can lead to everything from hair falling out to heart problems. Ascorbic acid burns out the adrenals, leads to B12 deficiency, and blocks copper, which ironically is part of real vitamin C complex. Ascorbic acid also depletes and blocks iron, leading to anemia, hair loss, wrinkles, bones, loss, bleeding gums, allergies, emphysema, heart disease and lung disease. Remember ascorbic acid depletes your body of real vitamin C.

Signs of low vitamin C are spider veins, wrinkles, you bruise easily, receding gums, bleeding gums, varicose veins, tired a lot, dry rough skin, breathing problems, winded when climbing stairs, asthma, blood pressure issues (both high and low) etc.Making matters worse are the things in our lives that deplete vitamin C- stress, smoking, stimulants, medication, steroidal meds, aspirin, energy drinks, and modern living, leading to collagen breakdown, which doesn’t just result in wrinkles and hair loss, but also heart disease, infertility and weak immunity

True vitamin C helps convert cholesterol to adrenal hormones. This is ironic because true vitamin c breaks down cholesterol, whereas ascorbic acid fries the adrenals, the glands that help you fight stress, which means you get more stressed and stress creates cholesterol, the exact opposite of what true herbal vitamin C does.

Vitamin C is naturally found in kiwis, watercress, papaya and any kind of peppers- bell peppers, hot peppers and things like that. Citrus peel has lots of bioflavonoids, but citrus in itself is not really a high source of vitamin C.But the highest sources of vitamin C in the world are things like pine needles, which have 300 times more vitamin C than oranges, the Indian Gooseberry (also known as Amla berry), Sea Buckthorn, Acerola Berry, guava, and watercress, all of which are in in myherbal vitamin C powder. That’s all it is- dried plants, nothing else. It also contains powdered gubinge kakadu plum- the highest source of vitamin C in the world- 3000 mg of vitamin C per 100grams. Its only found in the Australian outback and is harvested by native tribesmen. I do not use or recommend Camu Camu unless you’re eating it right off the plant, because Camu is highly unstable and oxidizes almost immediately, so by the time you get it it’s worthless, which is why its so bitter.True vitamin C is very tart and tangy. It makes you pucker a bit. 

Remember, moisture is an oxidant, which means the moment you pick fruit, it starts oxidizing, which is why fruit you buy in the store often has very little nutrition left in it. One university study found the oranges they tested had no vitamin C whatever. If you pick the fruit, dry it immediately and powder it, it stops oxidizing, meaning the nutritional content may last up to ten years depending on the vitamin.

We’re supposed to eat fruit right off the plant, but we don’t do that anymore. Instead we buy stuff that was picked unripe weeks ago and trucked across the country. And a lot of vitamins do not even form until the plant is ripe. The benefit of powdering stuff is you can pick it at the moment of ripeness, dry it and lock in the nutrients immediately. So eat stuff right off the plant if you can, or get the herbal form of vitamin C. 

Again, here is the video