The One and Only God of True Miracles

If a woman goes to the store to buy something, she used to be able to say, charge this to my husband's account. We can claim Bible verse promises, which is the currency we have been given to access the treasure chest of Heaven. The Spirit of Christ IS the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the soul and life of Christ dwelling in us, the rainbow of character is formed by eating the raw various colors of fruits and veggies that God has made as our manna today. The foods we choose today, determines our destiny for eternity.

"For we are members of his body (Christ), of his flesh, and of his bones"Eph 5:30.

Jesus has inherited EVERYTHING from His Father. Everything was made by and for the Son of God. The Son of God inherited mankind, believers in the true and literal Son of God who was twice born. The firstborn of Heaven became the firstborn of the dead; so that we could be raised to newness of life into the realm of the Spirit world through Christ.

Because Christ is our husband, we can charge everything to His account. He has paid all our debts with infinite sacrifice. The currency of Heaven is the Word of God. Bible verse promises. We must surrender our self, our carnal, human nature that we were conceived and born with completely to the Son of God. Once we do this, and are baptized into Christ per Acts 2:38 we soon receive the promised gift, the Gift of eternal life, the Spirit of Christ comes to dwell in our minds, our thoughts, our WORDS, our actions, our habits, our destiny. Our destiny becomes the destiny that Christ has gone before us and shown us the WAY as our example in all things.

My WAY is in the Sanctuary. Christ said to follow Him by faith into the Heavenly Sanctuary. IN Christ, we are reconciled back to the God and Father of Christ who is the Sacred dwelling place of Christ. We were made in the image of God and His Son.