Steven Nelson Haskell (1833-1922) 89 Years Old

Here's four GREAT books written by Steven N. Haskell, one of the 144,000 in PDF format:

Seer of Patmos by Stephen N. Haskell:

The Cross and It's Shadow by Stephen N. Haskell:

Stephen N. Haskell (1833-1922)
Stephen NHaskell was a convert of Captain Joseph Bates! Source here.

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 "Which ones are Jones and Waggoner?" Jones is the one sitting behind the two ladies on the right hand side. (He is showing more white shirt than the others.) Beside him (to Jones' left, from our perspective,) is Stephen Haskell; and sitting on the left hand side of Haskell is E.J. Waggoner.

"World Could Have Been Warned Within Two Years After 1888"
 Elder S. N. Haskell provided that reference from memory in a talk published in 1899. A statement reportedly found in the General Conference Bulletin of 1892. 

One interesting tidbit of information is that Elder Haskell asked Sister White to marry him after her husband had passed away. She declined, stating that her literary work with her name on it was the reason, and she did not want to be influenced by a man in respects to what God has asked her to write. She was fond of him, because his picture was found in her bedroom after she passed away. She told him he should go marry Hetty Herd, because she would make a good helpmate for him, and he obeyed the voice of the Prophetess to him and married Hetty Herd.

BE SURE to get and read all of Elder Haskell's books. Especially the Daniel and Revelation books called "The Story of the Seer of Patmos" and "The Story of Daniel the Prophet". ALL of His books are MUST READ books. I believe Elder Haskell to be one of the 144,000, so you can count these books as messages from the 144,000 to us today. You still have opportunity to become a part of this elite group if you help to give and live the Three Angel's Messages and Keep the 7th day Sabbath under the THIRD ANGEL'S MESSAGE. The Third Angel's Message era which is from 1846 until probation closes for God's people at the implementation of the soon coming Sunday law. You can buy ALL of his books, articles and sermons in one book on for about $22 here: 

Collected Writings of Stephen Nathan Haskell: Words of the Pioneer Adventists

 A great bargain. The publishers or compilers of this book have the wrong middle name of Stephen on the cover of the book, but it is correct on the inside. His middle name is Nelson. Stephen Nelson Haskell.

You can also get his books individually if you have the money. These are probably easier for children to study from as their school books. There is not much else that you can buy that will be worth as much as these books. I don't know of anything of greater value than the Bible to us today. These are the words of the 144,000 to us today, and of which we may become a part of this elite group if we are faithful to the truth setup in the beginning of the Advent movement.

Here's a good resource for the pioneers books as well:

Watch for original facsimile copies. Changes have been made to the early SDA pioneers books.  "As Jesus was crucified, so I saw that these messages [old SDA landmarks, the three angel's messages as taught and written about by our early SDA Protestant pioneers] have been crucified" The Great Controversy, p. 75 in the original 1858 versionSo be on the lookout for ORIGINALS. Vern Bates has several original versions you can buy. I especially like his 1858 facsimile copy of The Great Controversy. His website is

Stephen Haskell was an evangelist and administrator. He began preaching for the non-Sabbatarian Adventists in New England in 1853, and later the same year began to observe the Sabbath. After self-supporting work in New England, in 1870 he was

ordained and became president of the New England Conference (1870-1876, 1877-1887). In 1870 he organized the first conference Tract and Missionary Society and subsequently organized similar societies in various parts of the Eastern United States. He was three times president of the California Conference (1879-1887, 1891-1894, 1908-1911) and also of the Maine Conference (1884-1886).

In 1885 he was in charge of a group that was sent to open denominational work in Australia and New Zealand. In 1887, with three Bible instructors he began SDA work in London, England. He made a world tour on behalf of missionary work in 1889-1890, visiting Western Europe, Southern Africa, India, China, Japan, and Australia.

Another of Haskell’s “firsts” was the organization of the first SDA church of African Americans in New York City (1902). He led in temperance work in Maine (1911), began printing books for the blind (1912), and assisted in the development of the White Memorial Hospital (1916). His written works include The Story of Daniel the ProphetThe Story of the Seer of Patmos, and The Cross and Its Shadow.

(Source: SDA Encyclopedia)

(Vol. 7, No. 2 of “Lest We Forget” features Stephen N. Haskell.)

Collected Writings of Stephen Nathan Haskell: Words of the Pioneer Adventists

THE STORY OF DANIEL THE PROPHET by Stephen Haskell on "The Eastern Question"
(go to page 247.3 of this link)

  • More on faithful, keen, noble and true Stephen Nelson Haskell info on the White Estate pioneer library here.
"Christ and the Father covenanted together; and Lucifer, the covering cherub, grew jealous because he was not admitted into the eternal councils of the Two who sat upon the throne" The Story of the Seer of Patmos, p. 217.2 (Stephen N. Haskell).

Stephen N. Haskell on the Trinity:

The rainbow in the clouds is but a symbol of the rainbow which has encircled the throne from eternity. Back in the ages, which finite mind cannot fathom, the Father and Son were alone in the universe. Christ was the first begotten of the Father, and to Him Jehovah made known the divine plan of Creation. The plan of the creation of worlds was unfolded, together with the order of beings which should people them. Angels, as representatives of one order, would be ministers of the God of the universe. The creation of our own little world, was included in the deep-laid plans. The fall of Lucifer was foreseen; likewise the possibility of the introduction of sin, which would mar the perfection of the divine handiwork. It was then, in those early councils, that Christ's heart of love was touched; and the only begotten Son pledged His life to redeem man, should he yield and fall. Father and Son, surrounded by impenetrable glory, clasped hands. It was in appreciation of this offer, that upon Christ was bestowed creative power, and the everlasting covenant was made; and henceforth Father and Son, with one mind, worked together to complete the work of creation. Sacrifice of self for the good of others was the foundation of it all.” — (S.N. Haskell, The Story of the Seer of Patmos, pp. 93, 94, 1905)

Before the creation of our world, “there was war in heaven.” Christ and the Father covenanted together; and Lucifer, the covering cherub, grew jealous because he was not admitted into the eternal councils of the Two who sat upon the throne.” — (S.N. Haskell, The Story of the Seer of Patmos, pages 217, 1905)

Christ was the firstborn in heaven; He was likewise the firstborn of God upon earth, and heir to the Father's throne. Christ, the firstborn, though the Son of God, was clothed in humanity, and was made perfect through suffering. He took the form of man, and through eternity, He will remain a man.” — (S.N. Haskell, The Story of the Seer of Patmos, pp. 98, 99, 1905)