Nelson H. Barbour (1824-1905)

Adventists in the Geneseo area met in Springwater to await the second coming in 1843. Their disappointment was profound, and Barbour suffered a crisis of faith. He later wrote: "We held together until the autumn of 1844. Then, as if a raft floating in deep water should suddenly disappear from under its living burden, so our platform went from under us, and we made for shore in every direction; but our unity was gone, and, like drowning men, we caught at straws." Barbour, N. H.: Evidences for the Coming of the Lord in 1873, Or the Midnight Cry, 1871, page 26.

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Three Worlds, written by Barbour, and financed by Russell in 1877.
Evidences for the Coming of the Lord in 1873, or The Midnight Cry Written by Barbour in 1871.
Message to Herald of the Morning subscribers1879 Pittsburgh, Pa; Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence, July 1, 1879, Supplement
Washed in the Blood Published anonymously but listed in the library of Congress card catalog as written by Nelson H. Barbour.
Herald of the Morning Assorted Issues from 1875 to 1880.

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