Metcalfe Hare

I am not sure this is a picture of Metcalfe Hare  - am still researching this.

She confided in a letter to Willie: 4BIO 296.1

Be sure that Brother Hare is consulted in everything, and he will not move out in anything without consulting me. We move harmoniously in all our plans. Brother Haskell says it will not do for anyone to speak questioningly of anything I propose, for Brother Hare raises his right arm and says, “What Sister White advises to be done shall be done, without any ifs or ands about it.”—Letter 141, 1897. 4BIO 296

She also stated: 4BIO 296.2

All who see the upper story of the second building say, “Whatever could you do without it?” Brother Hare says he would not have taken the responsibility of changing anything if Sister White had not been right on the ground to say what was most needed. But that added story does Brother Hare lots of good.—Ibid. 4BIO 296