E. J. Waggoner

E. J. Waggoner

Ellen White said that “E.J. Waggoner can teach righteousness by faith more clearly than I can…(because) the Lord has given him special light on that question”’ (Report of interview with Elder J S Washburn by Wieland June 4, 1950)

What Our Pioneer's Believed About The Trinity

E.J. Waggoner

“The Scriptures declare that Christ is ‘the only-begotten Son of God.’  He is begotten, not created.  As to when He was begotten, it is not for us to inquire, nor could our minds grasp it if we were told .... There was a time when Christ proceeded and came forth from God, from the bosom of the Father (John 8:42; 1:18), but that time was so far back in the days of eternity that to finite comprehension it is practically without beginning.” (Christ and His Righteousness, pp. 21, 22—From the section entitled, “Is Christ a Created Being?”)

"And in their mouth was found no guile (no false doctrines aka "marks" of the beast or doctrines of the beast): for they are without fault (speak the truth) before the throne of God" Revelation 14:5 (KJV).