The 1843 and 1850 EARLY SDA PIONEER Charts of Habakkuk 2:2-3:

Divine Aid in the Search for Truth

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"Point after point of truth should be investigated; for there is no limitation to the truth of God, and in its study a most lively interest should be felt by both teachers and pupils, that they may know what God" CSW 36.2.

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"(and those who deny it leave the original faith)" -James White

"THE 2300 DAYS. - This prophetic period has been, and still is, the main pillar of the Advent faith. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that we have a correct view of the commencement and termination of this period, in order to understand our present position.

B. C. 457, was the year presented, and clearly proved by Brother Miller, as the true date for the commencement of the 2300 days. It was published to the world by every Second Advent paper in the land, by books, and by public lectures, as the true date. The proof was so very conclusive that those who examined the point with candor embraced it at once. Learned opponents did not, and could not, show that we were incorrect in dating the 2300 days from B. C. 457. With this clearly ascertained date for the commencement of the main pillar of the "ORIGINAL" Advent faith, lecturers went forth united to give the judgment hour cry. This was the date written upon the "chronological chart of the visions of Daniel and John, published by J. V. Himes, 14 Devonshire St."

It was the united testimony of Second Advent lecturers and papers, when standing on "THE ORIGINAL FAITH," that the publication of the chart was a fulfillment of Hab.ii,2,3. If the chart was a subject of prophecy, (and those who deny it leave the original faith,) then it follows that B. C. 457 was the year from which to date the 2300 days. It was necessary that 1843 should be the first published time in order that "the vision" should "tarry," or that there should be a tarrying time, in which the virgin band was to slumber and sleep on the great subject of time, just before they were to be aroused by the Midnight Cry.

Image result for habakkuk 2 :3 two chartsThere is a seeming contradiction in the language of the Prophet - "though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry," which can be explained only by Second Advent History.

"Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. [This was fulfilled when the first published time was made plain upon the chart.] For the vision is yet for an appointed time, [Mark this. There is "appointed time" connected with the "vision" made "plain upon tables;" and what can it refer to, but the vision of the 2300 days of which it is said, "shut thou up the vision for it shall be for many days," "the time appointed was long," and "at the time appointed the end shall be,"] but at the end it shall speak, and not lie; though it tarry, [seem to tarry, by reaching into 1844, beyond the first published time,] wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."   {December 1850 James White, Advent Review & Sabbath Herald, 13.8} (Emphasis in original)

1850 Chart : “I saw that God was in the publishment of the chart by Brother Nichols. I saw that there was a prophecy of this chart in the Bible, and if this chart is designed for God's people, if it [is] sufficient for one it is for another, and if one needed a new chart painted on a larger scale, all need it just as much.” Ellen G. White {Manuscript Releases, vol. 13, p. 359.1} Click on the image below for a larger image.

  • "The warning has come: Nothing is to be allowed to come in that will disturb the foundation of the faith upon which we have been building ever since the message came in 1842, 1843, and 1844. I was in this message, and ever since I have been standing before the world, true to the light that God has given us. We do not propose to take our feet off the platform on which they were placed as day by day we sought the Lord with earnest prayer, seeking for light. Do you think that I could give up the light that God has given me? It is to be as the Rock of Ages. It has been guiding me ever since it was given." {Ellen G. White, quoted in the General Conference Bulletin, April 6, 1903 par. 34} (emphasis supplied)

    “We have, as had John, a message to bear of the things which we have seen and heard. God is not giving us a new message. We are to proclaim the message that in 1843 and 1844 brought us out of the other churches.” {RH, January 19, 1905 par. 22}

    I saw a company who stood well guarded and firm, giving no countenance to those who would unsettle the established faith of the body. God looked upon them with approbation. I was shown three steps-- the first, second, and third angels' messages. Said my accompanying angel, "Woe to him who shall move a block or stir a pin of these messages. The true understanding of these messages is of vital importance. The destiny of souls hangs upon the manner in which they are received." I was again brought down through these messages, and saw how dearly the people of God had purchased their experience. It had been obtained through much suffering and severe conflict. God had led them along step by step, until He had placed them upon a solid, immovable platform. I saw individuals approach the platform and examine the foundation. Some with rejoicing immediately stepped upon it. Others commenced to find fault with the foundation. They wished improvements made, and then the platform would be more perfect, and the people much happier. Some stepped off the platform to examine it and declared it to be laid wrong. But I saw that nearly all stood firm upon the platform and exhorted those who had stepped off to cease their complaints; for God was the Master Builder, and they were fighting against Him. They recounted the wonderful work of God, which had led them to the firm platform, and in union raised their eyes to heaven and with a loud voice glorified God. This affected some of those who had complained and left the platform, and they with humble look again stepped upon it.  {Early Writings, p. 258.3} (emphasis supplied)

    But angels watch the precious dust of this servant of God, and he will come forth at the sound of the last trump. {Early Writings, p. 258}.

Return to our old SDA Pioneers Faith that is lost (1843 & 1850 Charts Explain) Present Truth Call video here: 

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To Listen With Candor

When asked to hear the reasons of a doctrine that you do not understand, do not condemn the message until you have given it a thorough investigation, and know from the word of God that it is not tenable. If I had an opportunity, I would speak to the students of every Sabbath school in the land, lifting up my voice in earnest appeal that they go to the word of God, seeking for truth and light. God has precious light to come to His people at this very time, and you should strive earnestly in your investigations to aim at nothing less than a thorough knowledge of every point of truth, that you may not be found in the day of God among those who have not lived by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. CSW 31.2

The momentous issues at stake through neglect of the word of God should be carefully considered. The study of the Bible is worthy of the best mental effort, the most sanctified ability. When new light is presented to the church, it is perilous to shut yourselves away from it. Refusing to hear because you are prejudiced against the message to the messenger will not make your case excusable before God. To condemn that which you have not heard and do not understand will not exalt your wisdom in the eyes of those who are candid in their investigations of truth. And to speak with contempt of those whom God has sent with a message of truth, is folly and madness. If our youth are seeking to educate themselves to be workers in His cause, they should learn the way of the Lord, and live by every word that proceedeth out of His mouth. They are not to make up their minds that the whole truth has been unfolded, and that the Infinite One has no more light for His people. If they entrench themselves in the belief that the whole truth has been revealed, they will be in danger of discarding precious jewels of truth that shall be discovered as men turn their attention to the searching of the rich mine of God's word. CSW 32.1

Individually Investigate
Those who have entered upon the work of teaching, or who have been called to any position of responsibility, should not be satisfied to take the product of the researches of other minds, but they should investigate truth for themselves. If they do not form the habit of investigating themes of truth for themselves, they will become superficial in their life and acquirements. The opinions of your associates may be of value to you, but you should not rely upon them and have no definite ideas of your own. You should examine the truths you have been led to believe, until you know that they are without a flaw. You lose much when you do not bring every point of faith you hold to the law and to the testimony, for you do not see or appreciate the truth as it is. Oh, that all our youth might appreciate the privilege that God has given! It is His will that you should go to the source of all light, and receive the enlightenment of His Spirit (for this will be given to every humble seeker for truth), and then you will know that the Spirit and the Word agree, and know that you know what is truth. What assurance this knowledge gives! You  can then speak with power, proclaiming what you have learned as truth, knowing that you have not followed cunningly devised fables.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 58-61. CSW 33.1

Learn more about the Three Angel's Messages found in Rev 14:6-12 and the 1843 and 1850 Habakkuk 2:2-3 charts here) by clicking the following dates: 1872 and 1889

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 “What Might Have Been,” about SDA movement cofounder Ellen G. White’s 1903 vision on what could have happened at the 1901 General Conference session if delegates had humbled themselves and allowed an outpouring of the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of Christ that the 1888 leaders closed and bolted the door against the Spirit of Christ. The leaders of the day in 1901-1903 and onward were setting up the NEW MOVEMENT, the "modern" changed SDA movement to be like Rome, with a Pope, one man at its head instead of a committee of 25 men making decisions.

The 1863 Prophecy Chart & Law of God Chart 

Take special notice of the Law of God in the background, on the wall behind these gentlemen:
And take extra special notice of James White's bent (concave) hand on the Bible... see this page for more information about this: search for "concave" on the page to "jump" to the related info quickly by holding down the CONTROL KEY and the Letter "F" and entering "concave" in the search bar.
Inline image 1

There are several viewpoints that are currently being circulated about these two charts today. I would encourage you to STICK WITH THE EARLY SDA PIONEERS KEY OF EXPLANATIONS FOR THE TWO CHARTS! 


Explanation of the 1850 chart by Captain Joesph Bates:

Second, Sister White gives very powerful endorsement for the 1843 and 1850 charts - that they were directed by God! She also specifies that the time period of the early 1840's is where the foundation of the church was laid. For the 1863 chart, she does endorse and promote it. This shows that she does approve of them, all four charts, the 1843, the 1850, the 1863 and the Law of God chart, for if you do not approve of something, you should not endorse it. 

Third, in order to understand the significance of these charts, we should look at the parallel between Israel and the Seventh-day Adventist church. What event or time period of Israel's history parallels our church in 1863?

Israel was called out of Egypt - Seventh-day Adventists were called out of the world.

 Hosea 11:1   

When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt. 

 "Seventh-day Adventists have been chosen by God as a peculiar people, separate from the world. By the great cleaver of truth He has cut them out from the quarry of the world and brought them into connection with Himself." Testimonies for the Church vol.7 p.138

 Israel and Adventists both experienced disappointment.

 "The history of ancient Israel is a striking illustration of the past experience of the Adventist body. God led his people in the Advent movement, even as he led the children of Israel from Egypt. In the great disappointment their faith was tested as was that of the Hebrews at the Red Sea. Had they still trusted to the guiding hand that had been with them in their past experience, they would have seen of the salvation of God. If all who had labored unitedly in the work in 1844 had received the third angel's message, and proclaimed it in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord would have wrought mightily with their efforts. A flood of light would have been shed upon the world. Years ago the inhabitants of the earth would have been warned, the closing work completed, and Christ would have come for the redemption of his people."  Great Controversy p.457

Israel was reminded about the seventh-day Sabbath - Adventists were reminded about the seventh-day Sabbath

Exodus 16:25-26  

And Moses said, Eat that to day; for to day is a sabbath unto the LORD: to day ye shall not find it in the field. Six days ye shall gather it; but on the seventh day, which is the sabbath, in it there shall be none.

 "Elder Bates was resting upon Saturday, the seventh day of the week, and he urged it upon our attention as the true Sabbath...the Lord gave me a view of the heavenly sanctuary. The temple of God was open in heaven, and I was shown the ark of God covered with the mercy seat...Jesus raised the cover of the ark, and I beheld the tables of stone on which the ten commandments were written. I was amazed as I saw the fourth commandment in the very center of the ten precepts, with a soft halo of light encircling it. Said the angel, "It is the only one of the ten which defines the living God who created the heavens and the earth and all things that are therein." Christian Experience and Teachings p.85 

At Mount Sinai Israel was given the Law of God, the Statutes and Judgments that help explain the Law and that Moses wrote down in a book, the laws on health, and the sanctuary structure. At this point, Israel was denominated!

 "And all the people answered together, and said, All that the Lord hath spoken we will do. And Moses returned the words of the people unto the Lord." Thus the children of Israel were denominated as a special people. By a most solemn covenant they were pledged to be true to God."  FE 506


In 1863, Seventh-day Adventists were given the Law of God chart and the 1863 prophecy chart with the explanations being written in a book, they were also given the health message, as well as the church's organized structure. At this point, Seventh-day Adventists became denominated!

"We are Seventh-day Adventists. This is a fitting name, for we keep the seventh-day Sabbath, and look for the second advent of our Lord in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory. Even with respect to the name indicating some of the peculiar points of faith distinguishing us from other Christians, we are denominational. In keeping the Sabbath that God declares should be kept holy as a sign between Himself and His people, we show to the world that we are His peculiar, chosen people--a people whom He has denominated."  19MR 40 

What I want everyone to understand is that the events of 1863 parallel the children of Israel at mount Sinai. Yes, the Laodicean message was begun to be preached as early as the mid 1850's, and yes, our people were in the Laodicean condition in 1863 (just as they are now) - but look at Israel. Israel had begun to murmur and complain before they got to Sinai. Then at Sinai, they were in open rebellion, even making a golden calf and worshipping it. But just cause the majority of Israel was in rebellion, does not make the Law of God, the Statutes and Judgments, the health laws, and the sanctuary structure an act of rebellion - any more than, in 1863, the majority of our people being in a lukewarm Laodicean condition makes the Law of God and Prophecy charts or organization of the SDA church an act of rebellion.

God gave the Law, Statutes, Judgments, health laws, and sanctuary structure to rebellious Israel for the purpose of leading them back out of rebellion and fitting them to enter the promised land.

And it is the same with the charts - God gave us each of the charts (All Four), the organization, and the health message, for the purpose of leading us out of our Laodicean condition and fitting us to enter the heavenly promised land.

In fact, I have found that none of the charts can "totally" be understood, if you reject the others. Each one of the charts is a key that unlocks some of the symbolism of the other ones! 

One thing that I learned years ago, when you see something that doesn't look normal - Ask Why?

You see, if you look at the 1863 prophecy chart and compare it with the 1850 chart, you will notice some differences. The question to ask, is "Why?"

What is God trying to tell us by the differences? 

First of all, there are timelines on the 1863 chart that are not drawn on the 1850 chart. The 70 weeks prophecy is only mentioned on the 1850 chart, but not drawn out; and the one week prophecy is not shown on it either - but both prophecies are very prominent on the 1863 chart.


You will notice that the prophetic timelines that are shown on the 1863 chart are the prophecies that deal specifically with Christ - His ministry on earth, and His ministry in heaven! The testimony of Jesus Christ.

Also notice that on both the 1843 and 1850 charts, there is shown Christ being sacrificed on the cross (the pagan symbol for Tammuz) - but on the 1863 chart, Christ is no longer being sacrificed. Again - Why?

Let me share with you why I believe these differences are placed here. And I will tell you up front - I do not believe in "Coincidence!" Source here

1863 Prophecy Chart 

1850 Prophecy Chart 

 On the 1843 chart, the 1st and 2nd angels messages of Rev. 14 are illustrated. On the 1850 chart, there is the addition of the 3rd angel's message of Rev. 14. But notice that even though the 3 angels messages are shown on the 1850 chart - there is a line separating the third angel from the other two.

But then, when you come to the 1863 chart, the 3 angels are combined together as one! I believe that this chart is revealing something about the 4th angel of Rev. 18 - which is a combination of all three angels of Rev. 14.

But there is a lot more yet!

The image in the top left corner is a portrayal of the image of Daniel 2 that shows the deterioration of the four kingdoms, and beside it are the four beasts that reveal the same thing.

"While representing the kingdoms of this earth, the image that was revealed to Nebuchadnezzar also fitly represented deterioration of religion." RH, February 6, 1900

If the image represents both the deterioration of the kingdoms and of religion - then the four beasts must also represent the same.

You will notice that on both the 1843 and the 1850 charts, the four beasts that represent the four kingdoms are facing to your right - but on the 1863 chart, they have turned around facing toward your left. In other words, the 1863 chart is illustrating a "turning point" in the history of the nations and the church

"There are periods which are turning points in the history of nations and of the church. In the providence of God, when these different crises arrive, the light for that time is given. If it is received, there is spiritual progress; if it is rejected, spiritual declension and shipwreck follow." BEcho, August 26, 1895.

"There is ANOTHER universal and TRULY CATHOLIC ORGANIZATION, the SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH ." Neal Wilson. Adventist Review, 3/5/1981.

"God does nothing in partnership with Satan" VOL. 4, P. 230.

In fact, in 1867 - 148 years ago - Ellen White predicted/foresaw the SDA church becoming Catholic! "The company now presented the appearance of a Catholic procession." Testimonies for The Church Vol. 1 p. 578, January 29, 1867. 

You will also notice that there is no incense rising from the Altar of Incense on the 1850 chart, but there is a cloud of incense shown on the 1863 chart. The incense was a representation of the prayers of God's people. In other words, the turning point illustrated on the 1863 chart is something that happens in connection with the prayers of the saints ascending to the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary (the praying for the Holy Spirit which is Jesus Christ).

"Christ is to be known by the blessed name of Comforter” {Ms7-1902 (January 26, 1902) par. 10} - EGW.

"WE WANT THE HOLY SPIRIT, WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST” {Lt66-1894 (April 10, 1894) par. 18} - EGW.

The General Conference of Seventh day Adventist became Laodicean (indifferent to practicing truth) in 1852. God mercifully allowed apostasy to develop and to show forth it's true characteristics. By 1888, the GC closed and bolted the door against the Holy Spirit (Jesus our Comforter). 

"Christ is to be known by the blessed name of Comforter” {Ms7-1902 (January 26, 1902) par. 10} - EGW.

"WE WANT THE HOLY SPIRIT, WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST” {Lt66-1894 (April 10, 1894) par. 18} - EGW.

Again, in 1903 the General Conference of Seventh day Adventists rejected the counsel of the Prophetess Ellen White advising them to NOT create a hierarchical system of organization like the Roman Catholic church. Then Dr. Kellogg brought in pantheism (the belief that God is in everything, boots, trees, dirt and as such should be worshiped) which was the alpha of apostasy. ("the ideas ... were but the alpha of a great deception" 11MR 247.2.) The Omega of apostasy (the Trinity fully developed = from it springs ALL false doctrines like Immortality of the Soul, Sunday Sacredness, the Eucharist and the list goes on...see the doctrines of the Catholic church to see more false doctrines that spring from the Trinity of gods doctrine.) 

EGW 1903 
-- "
The results of the last General Conference [1903] has been the greatest, the most terrible sorrow of my life. No change was made." Letter 17, January 14, 1903, Manuscript Releases, vol 13, p 122-123 (see also Testimonies, vol 8, p 104-106).

1905-- "That which has been done there [Battle Creek--General Conference Headquarters] since the General Conference held at Oakland in 1903 will result in the loss of many souls." Special Testimonies, Series B#7, p 15, November 20, 1905.

The General Conference leadership were "pursuing a similar course to that of the Roman Catholics" (Manuscript Releases, vol 9, p 179--Letter 53, 1894).

     -- The General Conference of Seventh day Adventist was being made "like Rome, the great head of the work" (Manuscript Release #133, p 27--Letter 71, April 8, 1894).

Warning in 1895  -- And they were already "following in the track of Romanism" (Testimonies to Ministers, p 362, Lt 55, 1895 (September 19, 1895) par. 27).

-- Warning that the 1903 adoption of a new organizational structure was similar in rebellion to the building of the tower of Babel. (Manuscript 94, August 27, 1903, Kress Collection, p 1-6).

-- Warning that we are to have "no popes among us." (Letter 212, September 23, 1903, Spalding and Magan Collection, p 324-325).

-- Warning that "storm and tempest would sweep away the structure." (Letter 242, October, 1903, Special Testimonies, Series B#7, p 36-42).

"In trying to break down the barriers between him that serves God and him that serves him not, they have placed themselves where their feet will NEVER AGAIN find solid ground.Manuscript Releases, vol. 20 [Nos. 1420-1500], p. 28.5

"The proposed new constitution (hierarchical/pyramid/Egyptian/heathen Roman system of organization) reverses the reformatory steps that were the constitution of 1901....but I want to say to you that any man who has ever read Neander's History of the Christian Church, Mosheim's, or any other of the great church historians...can come to no other conclusion but that the principles which are to be brought in through this proposed constitution, and in the way in which they are brought in, are the same principles, and introduced in precisely the same way, as they were hundreds of years ago when the papacy was made." 1903 General Conference Bulletin, p 150.

Rome Doesn’t Change

“Rome never changes. She claims infallibility. It is Protestantism that will change” (Ellen G. White, Review and Herald, June 1, 1886).

1852 - 8 years after the disappointments: The SDA church had already become laodicean by 1852 “The words addressed to the Laodicean Church, describe their present condition perfectly.” {RH June 10, 1852, par. 2}.

1899: “The Laodicean message applies to ALL who PROFESS to keep the law of God, and yet are not doers of it” Ellen White, RH October 17, 1899, par. 3.

"Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins" Isaiah 58:1. 

“The history of the early experiences (historical SDA doctrines 1841-1846) in the message will be a power to withstand the masterly ingenuity of Satan's deceptions.” EGW, Letter 99, 1905.

(truths given in 1841, '42, '43 and 1844 (15MR Ltr 75 1905)

"Most startling messages will be borne by men of God's appointment, messages of a character to WARN the people, to AROUSE them. And while some will be PROVOKED by the warning, and led to RESIST LIGHT AND EVIDENCE, we are to see from this that we ARE giving the TESTING MESSAGE FOR THIS TIME. Messages will be given OUT OF THE USUAL ORDER" Testimonies,Vol. 9, p. 136.

"Then Jesus shewed me the difference between faith and feeling. And I saw those who rose up with Jesus send up their faith to Jesus in the Holiest, and praying, Father give us thy spirit. Then Jesus would breathe on them the Holy Ghost. In the breath was light, power and much love, joy and peace." The Day-Star March 14, 1846.

And whatever this turning point is, it also shows a change where Christ, who has been being sacrificed (figuratively) is now no longer being sacrificed! 

This turning point is also somehow connected with the fall of Babylon. 

I will add more later when I get a chance, because I could write a whole book just on the symbolism and the significance that I have found in comparing these 4 charts! They reveal a lot more than we thought they did!

But for now, I'll let you study it for yourself.

So get out your 43, 50, & 63 charts and start studying - they reveal the key to finishing the work so that Christ can return!!

Chronology of the Development of the 1863 chart

by Charles Lawson


The historical facts in the development of the 1863 prophecy chart are important to understand because they show that the founding pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist church rejected the 2520 time prophecy. The development of the chart sprung from a desire by the delegates at the session to form the General Conference to have a chart that more closely reflected the message our church was to carry to the world.

May 20, 1863

20 delegates from all of the conferences met to officially form the Seventh Day Adventist church. Some of the members present: James White, J.N. Loughborough, Joseph Bates, Waggoner, John Byington, Uriah Smith, G. W. Amadon and others.

James White was the unanimous decision of all the men representing the decision makers for the formation of the church to be the General Conference President. He declined due to his responsibility with the publishing work so John Byington was elected.

One of the top items of business at this meeting was the development of 2 new charts. 

Note this statement in the Review commenting on the meeting:

“The wording was brief, but the results were far-reaching. Actions were taken relating to the publication of charts for use in public proclamation of the message: a new prophetic chart, and one on the Ten Commandments.” (RH, May 26, 1863). {2BIO 32.1} 

James White was selected to create the new chart which better reflected the teachings of the SDA church. Note James White’s comment:

“The prophetic chart will be much improved in arrangement from the one in use. [What chart was currently in use? The 1850 chart] the sanctuary and angels will be larger and bolder, so that all the figures upon the chart can be seen equally plain. From what we have already seen of the work, we judge that it will be a beautifully executed thing.” Ibid., Oct. 6, 1863.

The statement by James White that the new prophetic chart would be much improved from the one in use is particularly significant. The one in use was the 1850 chart. And what was the history of its development? A new chart, known as the “1850 Chart” was being worked on by James White. By the fall of that year (1850) Ellen White wrote a letter to a “Brother and Sister Loveland” regarding it:

“God showed me the necessity of getting out a chart. I saw it was needed and that the truth made plain upon tables would affect much and would cause souls to come to the knowledge of the truth. – Letter 26, Nov. 1, 1850, p. 1.

“A chronological chart of the visions of Daniel and John, calculated to illustrate clearly the present truth, is now being lithographed under the care of Brother Otis Nichols, of Dorchester, Massachusetts. Those who teach the present truth will be greatly aided by it. Further notice of the chart will be given hereafter.” – Arthur L. White quoting Ellen G. White – the Early Years, vol. 1, p. 185.

In these quotes, we see that James White created the 1850 chart in response to Ellen White's vision that a chronological chart be made of the visions of Daniel and John. At that time, you still see the 2520 time prophecy on the chart. The 1850 chart was not a "Millerite" chart as some claim, it was developed by that small group of Advent pioneers who continued to search the scriptures to understand the truth. In the bottom corner of the chart are some figures simply outlining the prophetic timelines. Included is a reference to the 2520 (however brief and sketchy). Note also that the 1260, 1290, 1335 of Daniel 12 are not on the chart. The early Advent pioneers simply didn't not fully understand these prophecies, so they were not included on the chart.

In 1850, James White must have still thought the 2520 had merit, because he included the date on the 1850 chart. That is why the statement by him, that the "new" prophetic chart will be much improved over the 1850 chart, is so significant. By 1863 it is clear that he, along with the pioneers who formed the Seventh-day Adventist church in 1863, no longer believed in the 2520 prophecy. James White left it off the new, much improved chart. God must have led in the advanced understanding that the widely believed time prophecy in Leviticus 26 did not hold up under closer study. This also explains why James White published the article in the January 1864 Review and Herald refuting it. 

Question, was there any debate or division among the Adventist Pioneers who called for the new chart at this session?

Joseph Bates:

“Taking a general view of this meeting as a religious gathering, we hardly know what feature of the joyful occasion to notice first. We can say to the readers of the Review, Think of everything good that has been written of every previous meeting, and apply it to this. All this would be true, and more than this.   

Perhaps no previous meeting that we have ever enjoyed was characterized by such unity of feeling and harmony of sentiment. In all the important steps taken at this conference…there was not a dissenting voice, and we may reasonably doubt if there was even a dissenting thought. Such union, on such points, affords the strongest grounds of hope for the immediate advancement of the cause, and its future glorious prosperity and triumph.”—RH, May 26, 1863. {2BIO 33.5}

On May 21, the following day, The Seventh-day Adventist church as born.

James White was commissioned to create the 1863 chart that reflected the position of the SDA church. The brethren counseled James White, that in order to accomplish the task, he needed to move to the Boston area. He and Ellen White discussed his assignment and the need to move east while the new charts were created. So, in August 1863, he and Ellen White went back to Maine to live with a family for a year.

August 1863

“We design leaving for the east this week, accompanied by Mrs. W. and our three sons. The objects of this tour are (1) to improve the health of self and family, (2) to publish the Prophetic, and Law of God Charts, and (3) to hold meetings as we may have time, strength, and opportunity. Mrs. W. will wish to spend much time in writing. August 11, 1863 JWe, ARSH 88.10

 Their move to go work on the charts was published in the Review and Herald”

October 21 Charts are finished

“As October wore on, James made appointments for the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth at Newport, New Hampshire, and October 31 and November 1 at West Enosburg, Vermont. This would be followed by attendance at the New York State annual conference at Adams Center November 7 and 8. The announcement stated that Ellen White would be with him.” {2BIO 66.5}

“We shall have at all these meetings the new charts, and a good assortment of our publications.

“Having obtained a large trunk full of finished charts,” wrote James White, “we left Maine, October 21, for the Newport, New Hampshire, meeting by way of Boston.—Ibid., Nov. 10, 1863.

Who is the “we” in this quote? Ellen White.

3 Months later: January 24, 1864

Just eight months after the Seventh-day Adventist church was formed, and the decision by the leaders to create two new charts, James White publishes an article in the Review and Herald stating the position of the church that there is no validity from the Bible of a time prophecy in Leviticus 26.

We know this article was not just his personal opinion that went against the other SDA pioneers at the time, for he used the third person plural when commenting on the article.

The Review and Herald

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”  



The Seven Times of Lev. xxvi

The prophetic period of Lev. xxvi, or what has been supposed to be such, has been no small object of study among prophetical expositors. It has been supposed that the expression, “seven times,” in verses 18, 21, 24, 28, denoted a prophetic period of 2520 years, and that this period covered the time during which the throne of Israel should be and remain subverted and trodden down by oppressing powers. To rightly fix the commencement and termination of this period, became therefore a matter of consequence. Where does it commence? and where does it end? have been questions of much study, and perhaps some perplexity. {January 26, 1864 JWe, ARSH 68.1} 

These are not the questions, however, that we propose here to discuss; for there is a question lying back of these, which demands to be answered first; namely, Is there any prophetic period brought to view at all in Lev. xxvi? We claim that there is not, and will offer a few of what are to us very conclusive reasons for this position: {January 26, 1864 JWe, ARSH 68.2} 

This article was written to inform the members of the position of the Seventh-day Adventist church on the 2520 time prophecy. Of course, Pippenger and followers claim that only Ellen White could make such a decision. Really? That means that none of the men who formed the SDA church were qualified to do so, for they failed immediately, upon creating the church, to include the 2520 as a pillar of our faith. Should we believe that Ellen White opposed these men who rejected this false time prophecy? Please, bring forward the evidence showing she did. For if they cannot, there is a problem on our hands. Her own testimony on this subject is:

“Think you that my faith in this message will ever waver? Think you that I can remain silent, when I see an effort being made to sweep away the foundation pillars of our faith?” 3SM 38

In addition, in this issue of the Review and Herald, the new charts are advertised for sale for all SDA members to purchase. In light of the fact that Ellen White travelled with her husband for the sole purpose of creating the two new charts and her statement above, it is clear she did not oppose the development of the new prophetic chart that dropped the 2520 time prophecy.

And what was dropped from the new 1863 chart that was on the 1843, 1850 charts? The 2520 time prophecy. The 2520 figure used to be at the top of the chart, but now, the 2300 days was prominently displayed at the top of the chart, reflecting the statement by Ellen White:

“The correct understanding of the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of our faith.”–Letter 208, 1906.  {Ev 221.2}

Now many claim that Ellen White never endorsed the 1863 chart. The facts prove otherwise:

“My husband had taken hold of the book matter at Battle Creek, and a noble example had been set by that church. At the meeting at Fairplains he presented the matter of placing in the hands of all who were not able to purchase, such works as Spiritual Gifts, Appeal to Mothers, How to Live, Appeal to Youth, Sabbath Readings, and the charts, with Key of Explanation. The plan met with general approval. But of this important work I will speak in another place.”   {1T 666.2}  (Experiences from December 23, 1867 to February 1, 1868)

“Are you missionaries in your neighborhoods, and in your own families? Are you seeking to have a deep work of reformation going forward where you are best known? Is your life such as to give you influence at home with your families and workmen? You can hang up the charts, and show them the truth, as it is there illustrated. You can teach them, if you have a mind thus to do, by explaining prophetic history, and tracing down prophecies, that the end of all things is at hand. You can impress them with the sacredness of the law of God, and show them its claims upon them.”  {RH, March 29, 1870 par. 14}

This last quote is referring to the 1863 charts, the chart with the prophetic information and the chart with the 10 commandments, both of which were commissioned in May of 1863 at the meeting to choose the General Conference leadership.

Again, why would Ellen White endorse the charts that removed the 2520 time prophecy? Good question, demand answers.

Thus we see that at no time in our history, as a denominated church, was the 2520 a part of the foundation of our church. It is also clear that Ellen White knew of the development of the chart (how could she not) and supported it, recommending it to the people for use in sharing the prophecies and the 10 commandments.

It is clear from the historical facts that our church never endorsed the 2520, that all of the founding members of the church were in favor of the new chart, that Ellen White was fully aware of it’s development. Again we repeat: she knew that the 2520 time prophecy was dropped from the chart and yet she recommended it to the people herself and never uttered a word of censure or rebuke for the decision that was made by the church leaders or the article by James White. The Review article told the whole world that Seventh-Day Adventists do not believe there is a time prophecy in Leviticus 26. 

And so we must ask, is this a message that should divide the church? Is this new (or old) light we need to accept?

Finally, what claims do key leaders in the Pippenger camp make regarding the acceptance or rejection of this time prophecy?

Jeff Pippenger:

“To say that she (Ellen White) doesn’t endorse the 2520 is to oppose her prophetic gift, but also you must reject the light that Gabriel revealed to Miller. Where did Gabriel get his understanding of prophecy from? Jesus Christ and God the Father! So now we must call into question the Father and the Son’s knowledge of prophecy. If Miller was wrong about the 2520, then Sister White is a false prophet, Gabriel is an angel from the bottomless pit, and God the Father and God the Son are false gods!”

This whole issue of the 2520 is a dead horse, resurrected by Jeff and others that places themselves as self-styled reformers who are calling the members back to the "foundation" of our church. The fact is, it never was a part of that foundation, and to claim otherwise is to spread lies to unsuspecting members.

The question we ask is this, "if people in this movement do not believe the "church" is qualified to make a judgment concerning this teaching because of it's apostasy, then why stay in it?" Why would they want to be a part of a church that is totally unqualified to make important decisions on Bible doctrine? Those who are challenged to accept the church's decision on this and other matters speak with scorn of the leadership of the church, and refuse all allegiance to the authority of the church world-wide and on a local basis. Should they not be seen as rebels, seeking to tear down the church? 

We close with a few comments by Ellen White that show their wrong course of action:

1) “There are a thousand temptations in disguise prepared for those who have the light of truth; and the only safety for any of us is in receiving no new doctrine, no new interpretation of the Scriptures, without first submitting it to brethren of experience. Lay it before them in a humble, teachable spirit, with earnest prayer; and if they see no light in it, yield to their judgment; for “in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”–Testimonies, Vol. 5, pp. 291-293. (1885.)  {CW 47.1}

2) “God has bestowed power on the church and the ministers of the church, and it is not a light matter to resist the authority and despise the judgment of God’s ministers. . . . You should have submitted to the judgment of the church. If they decided wrong, God could take hold of this matter in His own time and vindicate the right. He does not lay upon you the responsibility of keeping the church in order.”–Letter 5, 1863, pp. 1-3. (To Brother and Sister Scott, July 6, 1863.)  {5MR 297.1} 

“God has bestowed the highest power under heaven upon His church. It is the voice of God in His united people in church capacity which is to be respected.” {3T 451 (1875)

3) “…Individual experience is set above the authority of the church, and their example leads others whom they deceive to regard lightly the voice of counsel and admonition of the church. This course has worked the ruin of very many souls in every age of the world. {ST, October 23, 1879 par. 8}  Source here.

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