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Babylon sermon by Charles Fitch: Here's the sermon to print out and preach from:


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I have taken this way to lay myself fully open to my brethren and to the world, because I believe it to be in all respects the easiest and the best; and do greatly rejoice in the opportunity afforded me, to testify to others of "the riches of the glory of this mystery which is Christ in me, the hope of glory...." {1839 CF, VOS 4.5}

"In all of our Christian experience we have left little loopholes along here and there for sin. We have never dared to come to that place where we would believe that the Christian life should be a SINLESS life. We have not dared to believe it or preach it. But in that case we cannot preach the law of God fully. Why not? Because we do not understand the POWER of justification by faith. Then without justification by faith it is impossible to preach the law of God to the fullest extent." E.J. Waggoner 1891 General Conference Bulletin, No. 10, pp. 156, 159.

This SERMON is one of the sermons that will go with 10 times the power that it did back in 1843!