Magnesium = The Truth about Bones and Calcium

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The Truth about Bones

Everyone is so focussed on calcium for bone strength, but calcium is not the most important nutrient for bones.
Watch this important informative video and learn what the 3 things are that are even more important than calcium. 
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People are so obsessed with calcium. What they don’t realize, is there’s calcium in almost everything they eat, even junk food. It’s especially high in fresh plant foods, especially green leafy stuff. Its in everything- not just fruits and vegetables, but even in the junk food everyone eats- bread, cereal, meat, cookies, cheese,…everything. People are getting so much calcium, it’s stiffening up their joints and muscles and clogging up their arteries and turning their kidneys to stone. People’s bodies are calcifying so much, they are literally turning into stone. When they do autopsies and cut people’s hearts open, this thick heavy white goo oozes out of the heart and arteries. What is it you might ask? Calcium! It is choking us to death. So why are they saying we need calcium? 

The problem isn’t getting enough calcium, …it’s getting the calcium to ABSORB into and be properly be used by the body… and for that we need Magnesium. The real deficiency is magnesium, not calcium. If you go running to the store now and buy a bottle of calcium magnesium combo, you didn’t hear what I just said. You have too much calcium. In fact, you need to get rid of a lot of it. What you really need is magnesium because almost no fruits and vegetables have magnesium anymore because the farm soil has been so depleted in the last hundred years, there is no more magnesium in the soil. Without magnesium, we get heart attacks. Heart disease is the number one disease in the modern world, even more than cancer. That’s why I put magnesium in the night formula- the highest rate of heart attacks is usually at 5 in the morning just before people wake up because their blood is so thick it can’t circulate anymore. Magnesium lowers blood pressure and helps you relax. And without magnesium, calcium cannot absorb into the body. So stop with the magnesium. You have more than enough in your body and your diet, no matter what you are eating.

If bones is what you are concerned about, then there are two other important things you need. 

Calcium is NOT the most important nutrient for bones. Silica is. Silica is number one because silica not only forms your collagen and elastin… you have your matrix. if you take a chicken bone and throw it into vinegar for about a week or so, it removes all the minerals out of that bone, and it has this flexible-looking cartilage stuff. That’s your collagen matrix. That’s what gives your bones the majority of its strength and flexibility. If you don’t have that flexibility, your bones will snap. And that’s one of the reasons drugs like Fozamax and Boniva can actually increase your risk of bone fracture because they make your bones so stiff, that they can’t flex to absorb force and so they just snap. That’s why I have bamboo powder in my green formula, it’s the highest source of silica you can get- seven times higher than horsetail. Horsetail isn’t that great anyway because its a vasoconstrictor (it constricts your blood vessels).

The second most important thing for your bones is not a mineral, but something you do. Exercise. Something that involves really using your muscles, lifting weights, pushing and pulling stuff. This is one of the most important things for bones strength and one of the main reasons older people- especially women have weak brittle bones.

Silica has a second function. Silica is piezoelectric, which means that if you apply pressure or stress to a piece of piezoelectric material, it generates its own electrical current, so when you’re exercising, like running, your bones are actually flexing a bit, which compresses on the silica molecules, and the silica in turn generates electrical current, and the electricity deposits the minerals into the collagen matrix. So without silica, you cannot mineralize bone. So without exercise, your wouldn’t have a collagen matrix and you couldn’t mineralize the bone, and since collagen and elastin is what holds together your bones, skin, hair and arteries, if you don’t want wrinkles, varicose veins, heart attacks, hair loss and your bones to snap, you need to exercise! You need Silica and you need magnesium. 

I can’t stress this enough. Being an older lady is NOT an excuse for not moving your body and heaving some weight. If you get soft on your routine, so does your bones and heart.

Silica is the absolute most important nutrient there is for bone strength. I seriously suggest you get my green formula, if not, there is also silica in cucumber skins, okra, and diatomaceous earth, but the best source by far is bamboo. Do not get commercial products with horsetail.

You also need vitamin C for forming the collagen matrix, and amino acids like proline, hydroxiproline, lysine, hydroxilysine and glycine to form the collagen matrix. Then we get down to Boron to regulate your hormones, and then calcium-magnesium-phosphorus-strontium-fluoride-copper-zinc, vitamins A, D, E, K and essential fatty acids are all required for bone strength, it’s not just calcium. So when people are taking in calcium supplements thinking they’re doing themselves and their bones good, they’re not. There’s a lot more involved than simply taking calcium.

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