Charles Smull Longacre (1871-1958) 87 Years Old

Image result for Charles S. LongacreEvangelist, author, editor, minister and administrator, Charles S. Longacre is best remembered for his work in Image result for Charles S. Longacre, Champion of Religious Liberty, by Nathaniel KrumReligious Liberty. Born in 1871 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Charles Longacre heard the Advent Message in 1895.
By 1898 he had completed the ministerial course at Battle Creek College, Battle Creek, Michigan. He then worked in the Pennsylvania Conference in evangelistic work until 1907. In 1908 Longacre moved to South Lancaster, Massachusetts to teach Bible history at South Lancaster Academy, where he remained until 1913 as principal. From that date until 1936 he became secretary of the Religious Liberty Association, editing Liberty, the association's journal for twenty-eight years, remaining on the editorial staff until his death in 1958. In 1919 he was also secretary of the General Conference Home Missionary Department. From 1932 until 1941 he also served as secretary of the American Temperance Society. 

Charles S. Longacre wrote one of the best booklets on the Truth about God that I have read. Here is a link to it called The Deity of Christ.

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(Married July 7, 1899 Battle Creek, Michigan)
            Florence Martha Hughes Longacre                       Charles Smull Longacre
Granted a Bachelor of Arts degree by Emmanuel Missionary College, Michigan (now apostate Andrews University, rejecting the OLD SDA BELIEFS (3 Angel's messages) and teaching seminary students to worship BAAL via the Trinity of gods 1+1+1=1) in 1914, Longacre also received a B.A. in Philosophy from George Washington University, Washington D. C. with a minor in International Law. He also completed a three year law course with La Salle Extension University, Chicago. He wrote many articles for SDA and other periodicals. Author of books such as: Freedom: Civil and Religious, The Church in Politics, Religious Liberty and Civil Government, and Roger Williams - His Life, Work, and Ideals, Longacre received medals from Freedoms Foundations, Pennsylvania in 1955, 1956, and 1957, "for outstanding achievement in bringing about a better understanding of the American Way of life." In 1956 he also received a citation from Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State "in appreciation of his decades of distinguished service in behalf of religious freedom."

This manuscript, The Deity of Christ, was written but never widely circulated. It shows Longacre to be a clear thinking Bible student, with spiritual discernment typical of many of the Advent Pioneers. Longacre could see apostasy coming into God's Church, and this was one of his attempts to combat this, striking the axe at the root of the problem.

For a biography of Longacre, refer to Charles S. Longacre, Champion of Religious Liberty, by Nathaniel Krum. Review & Herald Publishing Association, Washington D.C.

This is the biography of a colorful, fearless crusader for liberty of conscience, a national reformer who strove to erase from the statute of books of America the laws that would shackle men's minds.