Corporation: General Conference Seventh Day Adventist became a CORPORATION in 1904! Fulfilling Ellen White's prediction

Babylon equates to confusion. I will leave you to answer that one. Do you know that only one year later when Ellen White prophesied about something major that would happen in 1903, the ground work happened in 1904? She stated among many things, "our religion would be changed". She warned of a new organization. Well the GC became the General Conference CORPORATION of Seventh-day Adventists in 1904. The articles of incorporation are in the 1905 Year Book for all to see. Ellen White said don't call the church Babylon. Two things to consider here. 1) think about for that time and place. 2) She has defined what the church is. And IT IS NOT a denominational name. That is where people get stuck. Because they heard from their pastors for years the fallacies and misnomers.