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 “Those who hide their light will soon lose all power to shine. They are represented by the foolish virgins, and when the
  crisis comes and the last call is made, ‘Behold the Bride groom cometh; go ye out to meet Him; they find that while they have been
  mingling with the world, their light has gone out. They did not continue to provide themselves with the oil of grace. The peace and
  safety cry hushed them to slumber and made them careless in regard to their light.” MS4, 18--98.

“Many neglect to lay up for themselves a treasure in heaven by doing good with the means that God has lent them. They distrust God and have a thousand fears in regard to the future. Like the children of Israel they have evil hearts of unbelief. God provide his people with
 abundance, as their need required; but they borrowed trouble for the future. They complained and murmured in their travels that Moses had led them out to kill them and their Children with hunger. Imaginary want closed their eyes and hearts from seeing the goodness and Mercies of God in their journeying, and they were ungrateful for all His bounties, so also are the distrustful, professed people of God in this
  aged of unbelief and degeneracy. They fear that they may come to want, or that their Children may become needy, or that their grandchildren will be destitute. They dare not trust God. They have no genuine faith in Him who has entrusted them with the blessings and bounties of life, and who has give them talent to use to His glory in advancing His cause.” 2 Testimonies, 656—657.

Cindy Randolph
Call/Text: 573-996-6401

Let us not rest unless we know that our lives are hid with Christ in God. We must have daily the full assurance that we are accepted of Him. If we have this, all is well. We then can come to a throne of grace with holy boldness and draw strength and glory from the sanctuary, and be triumphant in God. I do long for the mind that was in Christ. Day after day I discover my unlikeness to the meek and lovely Jesus. I want His fashioning hand to be laid upon me, for I would reflect the lovely image of Jesus.

At times I feel the power of God, even in my flesh, and yet I am not satisfied. I want to plunge deeper and deeper in the ocean of God's love and be wholly swallowed up in Him. Be strong in God. Do not sink. My vision comes up before me and the words of the angel even now seem to ring in my ears, “Get ready, get ready, get ready. Time is almost finished, almost finished, almost finished. Cry, cry, for the arm of the Lord to be revealed, for the arm of the Lord to be revealed. Time is almost finished. What you do, ye must do quickly!”—Letter 26, 1850, p. 2.". (8MR 222.3-4)

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