Books We Should Read!

Those who desire to become successful students of the prophecies will find “Daniel and the Revelation” an invaluable help. They need to understand this book [referring to Uriah Smith’s book]. It speaks of past, present, and future, laying out the path so plainly that none need err therein. Those who will diligently study this book will have no relish for the cheap sentiments presented by those who have a burning desire to get out something new and strange to present to the flock of GodThe rebuke of God is upon all such teachers. The great, essential questions which God would have presented to the people are found in Daniel and the Revelation. There is found solideternal truth for this time. Everyone needs the light and information it contains.” 1MR 61.2

Daniel and The Revelation (1897) by Uriah Smith  (endorsed by Sister White) FOR SALE

Danilel and The Revelation by Uriah Smith 1897 PDFre-published in 1904 ; Eastern Question/ Turkey on page 283 PDF