Alonzo Trevier Jones (1850-1923)

A. T. Jones

Article by A. T. Jones called "This Is The Church" here.

Seventh-day Adventists Urged to Leave the United States. A statement that "the day is coming, and is not far off, when every Seventh-day Adventist will wish . . . that he were out of the United States," is part of a sermon by A. T. Jones, published in the General Conference Bulletin, April 16, 1901, pages 265, 266.

“The day is coming when every Seventh-day Adventist in the United States would give everything that he has, and his life almost, if he could be outside the United States. Let me say that again. I am speaking something now that interests every Seventh-day Adventist. The day is coming, and is not far off, when every Seventh-day Adventist will wish to the depths of his (or her) soul that he were out of the United States: and multitudes will condemn themselves, and will fret themselves under the condemnation, that they did not go out of the United States WHEN THEY HAD A CHANCE.

“God set this country of the United States as the light to the world with the principles of God, for all mankind, and nations particularly. Since these principles have been the place of refuge for all people to come hitherto, the place of the land of liberty and light, and blessing to mankind, the effect will be directly contrary hereafter, and the message of God is now to all nations, ENTER NOT INTO THE UNITED STATES; and those that are in it, GET OUT. And this is God’s call to Seventh-day Adventists, to get out, cut loose, sell out, leave here; For the day is coming when you cannot sell, AND CANNOT LEAVE.”   
I have verified that this statement was taken from a sermon given by A.T. Jones on April 13, 1901 in Battle Creek, Michigan. It was published in the Gen. Conf. Bulletin of the Review & Herald on April 16, 1901. In light of what is now taking place in our nation at this time re: SAME SEX MARRIAGES MADE NATIONAL LAW, CALLING FOR SUNDAY LAW, the removal of liberty and prophecies about coming persecution, imprisonment, torture and death it would seem logical to escape what seems inevitable.

The TWIN INSTITUTIONS setup during creation week are the sacred marriage between a man and a woman and the 7th day Sabbath. Twins are born close together. The law making void sacred marriage between a man and a woman is the firstborn twin - soon to be followed quickly, speedily by the Sunday law making the spiritual marriage between God and man void by demanding people desecrate His Holy Time set aside. It is like committing spiritual adultery when we do not worship God during the time HE set aside for special communion and rejuvenation with our creator God through His Son. IT is our special time to spend with our spiritual husband, our Bridegroom Jesus Christ. Christ created all these beautiful gifts for us and then wants His Bride to spend time with Him on the special day he set aside and sanctified/blessed just for us to commune with Him - it is a special SEAL or signet ring He gives those who do obey Him = The Ten Commandments. The Sabbath is a SIGN of the POWER of Christ. So when we disregard/slight Him by coming to worship another Spirit (Satan - the god of this world) - MANY UNKNOWINGLY - who is one trying to steal Christ's Bride from Him - on a counterfeit day - they are really committing spiritual adultery.

"The time is not far distant, when, like the early disciples, we shall be forced to seek a refuge in desolate and solitary places. As the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman armies was the signal for flight to the Judean Christians, so the assumption of power on the part of our nation, in the decree enforcing the papal sabbathwill be a warning to usIt will then be time to leave the large cities, preparatory to leaving the smaller ones for retired homes in secluded places among the mountains."—Testimonies for the Church 5:464, 465.

“As long as probation continues, there will be opportunity for the canvasser to work. When the (501c3=non-profit/tax-exempt) religious denominations unite with the papacy to oppress God’s people, places where there is religious freedom will be opened by evangelistic canvassing.”—6 Testimonies, 478:2.

"The less we make direct charges against authorities and powers, the greater work we shall be able to accomplish, both in America and in foreign countries. Foreign nations will follow the example of the United States. Though she leads out, yet the same crisis will come upon our people in all parts of the world" Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, p. 395.1 (Ellen G. White).

"Brethren and sisters, would that I might say something to awaken you to the importance of this time, the significance of the events that are now taking place. I point you to the aggressive movements now being made for the restriction of religious liberty. God's sanctified memorial has been torn down, and in its place a false sabbath, bearing no sanctity, stands before the world. And while the powers of darkness are stirring up the elements from beneath, the Lord God of heaven is sending power from above to meet the emergency by arousing His living agencies to exalt the law of heaven. Now, just now, is our time to work in foreign countries. As America, the land of religious liberty, shall unite with the papacy in forcing the conscience and compelling men to honor the false sabbath, the people of every country on the globe will be led to follow her example. Our people are not half awake to do all in their power, with the facilities within their reach, to extend the message of warning" Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, p. 18.2 (Ellen G. White).

"God keeps a record with the nations: the figures are swelling against them in the books of heaven; and WHEN it shall have become a law that the transgression of the first day of the week shall be met with punishmentTHENtheir cup will be fullThe Review and Herald March 9, 1886 paragraph 22 (Ellen G. White).

I was especially pleased to learn of the efforts put forth during the past year in the tourist centers of this conferenceA special work is to be done in places where people are constantly coming and going. Christ labored in Capernaum much of the time, because this was a place through which travelers were constantly passing, and where many often tarried.There are now twenty-six churches and nine companies in the Southern California Conference, with a membership of over fifteen hundred. What a work could be done in this field, if all these brethren and sisters were to improve every opportunity to let the light of truth shine forth! RH July 12, 1906, par. 3

As long as probation continues, there will be opportunity for the canvasser to work. When the religious denominations unite with the papacy to oppress God's people, places where there is religious freedom will be opened by evangelistic canvassing. If in one place the persecution becomes severe, let the workers do as Christ directed: "When they persecute you in one city, flee ye into another." If persecution comes there, go to still another place. God will lead his people, making them a blessing in many places. Were it not for persecution, they would not be so widely scattered abroad to proclaim the truth. And Christ declares, "Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come." Until in heaven is spoken the word, "It is finished," there will be places for labor, and hearts to receive the message. {RH, October 7, 1902 par. 13}

Oh, that God’s people had a sense of the impending destruction of thousands of cities now almost given to idolatry! The Adventist Home, p. 136.6

Matthew 10:23: Jesus said, If they persecute you in one place, flee to another!

Preppers: "There is no help for us but in God; in this state of earth’s confusion we can be composed, strong, or safe, only in the strength of living faith; nor can we be at peace, only as we rest in God and wait for His salvation." Testimony Treasures Volume 1, p. 89.2

  • The SPIRIT in which we are to work:  (from a letter from Ellen White to AT Jones)

    "He who expects to enlighten a deceived people must come near to them and labor for them in love. He must become a center of holy influence.

    In the advocacy of the truth the bitterest opponents should be treated with respect and deference. Some will not respond to our efforts, but will make light of the gospel invitation. Others--even those whom we suppose to have passed the boundary of God's mercy--will be won to Christ. The very last work in the controversy may be the enlightenment of those who have not rejected light and evidence, but who have been in midnight darkness and have in ignorance worked against the truth. Therefore treat every man as honest. Speak no word, do no deed, that will confirm any in unbelief."

    "The influence of your teaching would be tenfold greater if you were careful of your words. Words that should be a savor of life unto life may by the spirit which accompanies them be made a savor of death unto death. And remember that if by your spirit or your words you close the door to even one soul, that soul will confront you in the judgment.

    Do not, when referring to the Testimonies, feel it your duty to drive them home. In reading the Testimonies be sure not to mix in your filling of words, for this makes it impossible for the hearers to distinguish between the word of the Lord to them and your words. Be sure that you do not make the word of the Lord offensive. We long to see reforms, and because we do not see that which we desire, an evil spirit is too often allowed to cast drops of gall into our cup, and thus others are embittered. By our ill-advised words their spirit is chafed, and they are stirred to rebellion.

    Every sermon you preach, every article you write, may be all true; but one drop of gall in it will be poison to the hearer or the reader. Because of that drop of poison, one will discard all your good and acceptable words. Another will feed on the poison; for he loves such harsh words; he follows your example, and talks just as you talk. Thus the evil is multiplied.

    Those who present the eternal principles of truth need the holy oil emptied from the two olive branches into the heart. This will flow forth in words that will reform, but not exasperate. The truth is to be spoken in love. Then the Lord Jesus by His Spirit will supply the force and the power. That is His work."   {6T 122,123}


    The METHOD by which we are to work:

    "If a brother differs with you on some points of truth, do not stoop to ridicule, do not place him in a false light or misconstrue his words, making sport of them; do not misinterpret his words and wrest them of their true meaning.  This is not conscientious argument  Do not present him before others as a heretic, when you have not with him investigated his positions, taking the Scriptures text-by-text in the Spirit of Christ to show him what is truth.  You do not yourself really know the evidence he has for his faith, and you cannot clearly define your own position.  Take your Bible, and in a kindly spirit weigh every argument that he presents, and show him by the Scripture if he is in error.  When you do this without unkind feelings, you will do only that which is your duty and the duty of every minister of Christ."  (EGW to G.I. Butler, Letter 21, 1888 [October 14], The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials 1:98)

    We lean heavily on Chapter 6 from Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings entitled "Not Judging, But Doing".  This chapter addresses clearly how we should treat others.  We encourage all to read that chapter in it's entirety.  Read it here.  Here is one excerpt from that chapter:

    "Not until you feel that you could sacrifice your own self-dignity, and even lay down your life in order to save an erring brother, have you cast the beam out of your own eye so that you are prepared to help your brother. Then you can approach him and touch his heart. No one has ever been reclaimed from a wrong position by censure and reproach; but many have thus been driven from Christ and led to seal their hearts against conviction. A tender spirit, a gentle, winning deportment, may save the erring and hide a multitude of sins. The revelation of Christ in your own character will have a transforming power upon all with whom you come in contact. Let Christ be daily made manifest in you, and He will reveal through you the creative energy of His word--a gentle, persuasive, yet mighty influence to re-create other souls in the beauty of the Lord our God." Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings pg. 128 -Ellen G. White

    Our rules are in place to prevent us from causing others to see us (sinners) instead of the saving beauty of Christ.  Any time a fellow member is antagonized, they will not be drawn to Christ - no matter how 'right' the antagonizer is.  A quote that illustrates this:

    "But there was one of the Twelve to whom, until very near the close of His work, Christ spoke no word of direct reproof. ... Jesus, seeing that to antagonize was but to harden, refrained from direct conflict. The narrowing selfishness of Judas' life, Christ sought to heal through contact with His own self-sacrificing love. In His teaching He unfolded principles that struck at the root of the disciple's self-centered ambitions. Lesson after lesson was thus given, and many a time Judas realized that his character had been portrayed, and his sin pointed out; but he would not yield." Education, p. 91, 92 -Ellen G. White

    God bless!